3 Piece Teak Set Perfect for your Condo Balcony



When talking about the quality of teak, we need to talk about  the construction quality as well as the grade quality. The bottom line is if you have decent grade quality with good construction you will have a good product.

Thai made teak is great but at the price point you would need to be very wealthy or take a loan out to afford it.

The teak coming from Indonesia ranges from the best high quality which you will never see to  low-quality. We will not sell lower quality to our customers.

All the factories we purchase from  have good  quality construction and grade.

If you want high end luxury teak we don’t sell it because it’s not the market we are targeting.  We know the price points that our customers want to pay and even 50% off on a ฿35000 table is very expensive.

If you want  quality teak items that save you 40-60% off our competitors price you’ve come to the right place.


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