If you can light the grill with a match you may have an ignition switch problem. Check your igniter switch. Rotate the knob, confirm that you hear the clicking sound on your barbecue set.

Very humid or rainy weather can cause moisture to collect on the end of the probe and make the igniter unable to spark. To remedy this condition, light the grill with a match. The heat from the grill will warm the probe and should fix the problem.

If you cannot light the grill with a match you probably have a gas flow problem. Have you cleaned your  burners recently? It is very important that the holes of the burner tubes are clear of any blockage. If the gas flow is restricted, the igniter would struggle to light. To clean your burners, brush the holes in an up and down motion. This cleaning should be part of your routine maintenance.

If you are still having problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.