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weather coverTexas Grills  Heavy-Duty BBQ Grill cover designed to fit most medium to large size gas grills or charcoal grills. A great way to protect your grill while not in use. Keep your stainless steel grill looking new with a protective cover..

Many people when buying a gas or charcoal grill  do not protect their  investment  in a barbecue grill cover. This is a big problem especially if you leave your grill outside most of the year and like to grill year round.

A bbq grill cover will protect your  grill the same way your garage protects your car. A garage shields the car from the bad weather rain, hail and the sun. If your grill is painted the sun can damage the paint of your barbecue-grill  especially if you live in a  climate  such as Bangkok Thailand with plenty of sunshine.

Your new  bbq grill cover protect the grill. Will prevents the rain from damaging the bolts and nuts to start corroding especially if the bbq grills bolts are not made of stainless steel.

Be aware   that anything protecting the nuts and bolts such as oil  will eventually dry out especially if unprotected in the weather or washed out by rain. In Thailand the sun beats down strongly on barbecue grill and heats everything causing rubber to warp and dry up. It eventually will destroys plastics which are incorporated in almost all grills.

There are two ways to protecting your gas barbecue grill especially if you are grilling and cooking most of the year,you can bring you grill under your carport  or in your house which may not be practical. or you can buy a barbecue-grill-cover to protect your investment


  • Vinyl Grill Cover
  • Full Length Fits cart style grills
  • Vinyl material
  • Velcro Closure





A411SS, B202E, B404S, Texas Classic 4 Burner


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