BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks

The Best BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks That Burn Clean Every Time

At bbqgrillsthai  we feel consistency is important, and our American flavor wood chunks are just that, large fist-size virtually  pieces of wood, seriously, these chunks are big, probably the largest in the Thailand.
Each  box contains approximately 5 KG of wood with the weight varying depending on the type of wood you buy.

We’ve been smoking with wood chunks for many years and feel you should use smoke like you use salt and pepper on your food, sparingly! Read this description carefully and we will take you through how to get the best results and the most for your money.
Our chunks are kiln-dried to an optimum moisture level, this means they will burn at lower temperatures, wet chunks will be very hard to get a clean burn, so we do not recommend you soak them before use.
If you’re looking to use these chunks as a fuel source for your offset smoker, these chunks are not for you (please use our splits), these chunks are for the gentle flavoring of food, where your primary fuel source is either charcoal or gas.

Blue Smoke And Smoke Flavor Explained

Your top priority when smoking food is ”clean smoke” , this means the wood is burning at the correct temperature to release all those tasty vapors locked in that wood chunk, that’s what you want to flavor your food, and the way we determine if this is happening, is a thin slightly blue smoke coming from your BBQ vent. If this is happening you know your wood chunk is dry (properly seasoned), air flow through your cooker is good, and your food will come out with that subtle hint of smoke flavor.
Good smoking temperatures range from 220F to 320F. If you’re seeing puffy thick white smoke you won’t get the proper flavor on your food, this smoke tastes harsh and bitter, if this happens check the following: – Is your smoker getting enough airflow and you’re not running very low temperatures – Did you soak your wood in water beforehand (we don’t recommend this)

How To Use Wood Chunks

The best way to use chunks is sparing, these fist-size chunks should be split in half, then layered into the charcoal on a Weber kettle, or offset smoker, but ceramic BBQs like kamados normally like quarter size chunks, due to their slower airflow.

Even when you’re grilling food, why not throw a large chunk in the corner, this will smoke away for hours and gently flavor your food.

  • TEXAS GRILLS smoking wood is USDA (Unitded States Department of Agriculture) certified for export to Thailand. This certification is a must when you are buying wood. It means we are USDA certified bug and parasite free and we can safely import smoking wood into Thailand. We have dialed in our kiln drying process to perfection which allows the wood to light easily, burn clean and hot. When you open a box of our wood you can smell the freshness, which means our wood will enhance the flavor of your food. Our wood is legally imported and approved by the Thailand Department of Agriculture and Thailand customs department.




We’ve managed to get a  supply of this wood from our US wood  supplier, it’s the original brisket wood! made famous by the likes Aaron Franklin and Texas BBQ, if American style brisket is your aim, this is the wood for you.

If you want real BBQ you need to start with the correct wood. Our wood comes from the United States and we offer it at a fraction of the cost of other imported wood and similar cost to Thai smoking wood. The smoke flavor of OAK is the choice of BBQ champions.

OAK Wood chunks are the ideal fuel to infuse food with savory smoke flavor. Wood chunks have a long burn life, which makes them great for long cooks. Includes approximately 5KG of 100% USA imported OAK


Kiln Dried



  • Kiln dried wood is easy to light.
  • It burns hotter and gives off 35% more heat.
  • It burns brighter.
  • It is bug, parasite and mold free.
  • Kiln dried wood is much lighter making it easier to haul.
  • Kiln dried wood is consistent all year long.
  • No Bugs or Parasites
  • Kiln dried wood is bug and parasite free. During the kiln drying process the bugs and parasites are eliminated. This keeps you from bringing insects into your home such as termites and ants. Naturally seasoned wood can have both of these pests inside of it.
  • Kiln dried wood is also mold free.

BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks

BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 51 × 34 × 13 cm