Wood Burning Heat Diffuser



The Wood Stick Burning Heat Diffuser

Turn your pellet grill into a partial stick burner to supplement  that GREAT  smoke taste!

Fits all TEXAS GRILLS pellet smokers


  • Diffuser made from heavy  steel for even heat distribution.
  • Perforated cavities allow the wood to smolder from the burn-pot fire and keeps the wood burning.
  • Removable end plates prevent the wood from igniting which would increase the grill temperature.
  • Uses either a large wood stick or a few large wood chunks.
  • Lasts for about 2-3 hours.
  • U.S.A. design made in Thailand

*Please Note:  Due to the additional heat produced from the wood, you may need to crack the grill lid in order to maintain your desired temperature. ALL wood burns differently and you may only need to use one side of the heat diffuser. After wood has been burned completely, the lid can then be closed as normal.*